Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sleeping In Separate Beds?

A few weeks back, when Mistress and Slave were in our SW hideaway, her sister and brother in law spent the weekend here at the UCTMW World HQ, visiting our cute Co-Ed and Mistress's mother.

Cute Co-Ed reported that the two of them did not share our bed - a double - complaining that it was "too small". So sister slept in our other daughter's bedroom, while her husband slept in our bedroom.

"Strange Mistress.....we always seem to have plenty of room."

"I know Slave....."

If anything, sometimes I get the complaint from Mistress that I'm not cuddled up close enough to her.

Then I saw this article over the weekend in the 580 blog "How many couples sleep in separate beds".
It purports to quantify the phenomenon, which I thought had died when Lucy and Ricky went into re-runs. There are a couple of helpful charts.

It turns out that only 54% of us married couples (on in "live together" relationships) "never" sleep in separate beds. That's a majority, for sure,  and would be a landslide in a Presidential election, but leaves a whole lot of couples with cold toes at night - at least some of the time.

The survey drilled down into the motivations of people for sleeping apart, and came up with the following:

So snoring seems to be the biggest culprit, though it seems that is something easily dealt with with the proper motivation, doesn't it? And while Mistress and I do have different temperature preference (she likes the AC cranked up, I like it a little warmer) that can be solved by snuggling up a little closer, can't it? We'd be curious to hear our readers comments on how often they end up in separate beds (if ever) and why? But some of these explanations seem pretty lame to us.

But one thing not showing up in the statistics is when your hot, dominant wife is sleeping with another guy. Tonight, for example, Mistress has another sleepover date with her lover J. They're getting in as much quality time as they can before his son returns home. So Slave will be sleeping alone tonight. 

"Remember you'll be in the cage Tuesday, Slave", was her reminder of the protocol of the day.

She even had me pick out a bottle of wine for her to bring over and help lubricate their fun. Luckily, there was a nice bottle of white in the vast UCTMW corporate wine cellar particularly suitable for such an occasion.

Rest assured that Slave plans to fully exploit his wake-up sex opportunity this morning, because it's going to be lonely in the UCTMW executive suite tonight.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mistress Primps for Her Brunch Date

Yesterday morning Mistress and Slave enjoyed some leisurely wake up sex as thunder rumbled outside. We would defer our bike ride until the afternoon due to threatening skies, plus Mistress had some late morning plans.

"J's taking me to brunch Slave... hope you don't mind."

"Why would I mind, Mistress?  I'll use that time to do the grocery shopping."

Their plan for for J to pick her up at our house, then head to a local restaurant in an emerging hipster neighborhood owned by some friends.

"Of course you may see Jens (the owner), Mistress."

(He's a guy who always seems to be flirting with Mistress when we see him at one of his spots).

"I'm sure it won't be a problem Slave.... just brunch with a male friend.  That shouldn't seem too strange."

"No doubt."

I tended to some chores, but couldn't help enjoying watching Mistress as she primped for her brunch date, showering, moisturizing that soft and lovely skin, applying just enough make-up for a Sunday, and then sliding into a subtle but sexy sundress before J picked her up.  I made sure I was off to the grocery before his appointed time to give them a little privacy should they elect to exploit it.

One thing did come up though before I left.

"J and I were talking about the folds Slave.... I mentioned that a trimmed bush is coming back in style and asked if he thought I should go back in that direction...."

"And he said?"

"He said no man would ever prefer a bush to the clean shaven look....."

"We're on the same page, Mistress."

After my errands, I got home and waited until the latest downpour abated before unloading the car.  It was about that time that Mistress and J returned from brunch and he stayed a while, chatting with Mistress in our "great room" as  Slave tended to various duties. I subtly offered to "take a sabbatical" to give them some privacy should they elect to adjourn to Mistress's bed. But J is not quite comfortable with the whole concept of flaunting his privileges while hubby is around. It was cute to see Mistress lavish him with some hands-on affection though, as they stood there talking to me, making J squirm just a tab.

So Mistress got a romantic Sunday brunch, but not J's cock for dessert. The poor girl   had to settle for Slave's tongue and lips applied to those clean shaven folds.  But she does seem to have a sleepover date planned for Tuesday night.

And it turned out she did see our friend Jens, and his girlfriend at brunch.

"Did they seem confused that you were there on a Sunday morning with someone other than your husband, Mistress...."

" Not at all Slave....."

Maybe this whole cuckold thing is going mainstream.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mistress Puts On A Show For the Painter

I mentioned in yesterday's post that when I got home Friday -  to reunite with Mistress after her Thursday night sleepover with her lover J - Mistress was in our bed, completely naked.

I also noticed that the painter who will be doing the outside of our new/old house in the next few weeks had deposited a ladder and some tarp in our driveway.

"Looks like the painter stopped by, Mistress.... did you see him?"

"Ummm.... yes and, well...."

Mistress explained that she had been to the pool with our cute Co-Ed in the afternoon. The Co-ed left early to go visit some guy who she claims is not a boyfriend a few hours north. (It's the 3rd 'visit' of the summer, but he's not a boyfriend? someone explain this to me.) Mistress  came home to an empty house, took off her wet suit, and spent some time at her desk in our "great room" answering some work emails. Who needs to get dressed to answer emails, right?

"I was sitting there naked at my desk, and that's when I noticed the ladder up against the wall, through the window. And the painter...."

"So he got an eyeful, Mistress?"

"Could be, Slave....."

I guess that means I don't have to give him a bonus?

"You have to wonder what he's been thinking all weekend, Mistress....next week he might ask you to hold the ladder for him while he's painting...."

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mistress's Sleep0ver Leaves Her a Little Tender

Mistress was kind to her Slave in Thursday evening. After a long day in her cock cage, I was given my parole when I got home from work and a visit to my ditzy mother.

Mistress had updated me via text earlier, at around 4 pm that she and J were heading out for a long bike ride and then dinner. leaving her phone behind. Always a wise choice when with a lover who wants (and deserves) Mistress's undivided attention when on a date. Her text was something like:

"Bike ride. Dinner. Then Sex, Slave."

Later, after I arrived home I got a brief phone call from her, telling me where the key was, and wishing me a good night. Then this brief text follow=up:

"Sorry I couldn't chat Slave.  J is demanding me."

No doubt.

Free  from the close confines of my cock cage, Slave slept well, though the vacant bed was a little lonely. The "no touch" rile was adhered to....

In the morning Mistress texted a brief up date....

"Awake here Slave. Some more sex, then headed home....."

Of course. I was heading to work but did here from Mistress when she was driving home at around 10 am.

"I think he was actually sad when I left, Slave..... "

"I can understand why, Mistress....."

I found a way to get out of the office a little earlier than normal at the end of the day. It was a lovely summer Friday and I wasn't the only one to bolt early. At home Mistress was lolling in bed, completely naked. And despite the temptation to attach her immediately, we elected a bike ride in the mild summer temperatures, then a nap, since Mistress was tired from her evening's activities, and I had not slept as well without her to cuddle against the night before.

But after the nap, Mistress welcomed my soothing tongue and then my work-a-day cock.

"I am a little tender down there Slave.... J was very.... shall we say 'aggressive' .... with me last night, and then again this morning.... "

So Slave took Mistress gently, but with much gratitude.