Monday, July 6, 2015

Cherry Season

It was our last of three glorious days of not being "on call" for work and clients, and Mistress and slave fully exploited it.

There was some raucous wake-up sex to start the day, with Slave deploying Mistress's favorite power tool, after a little warm up with my lips and tongue. It seemed it took less than a minute before Mistress was asking for permission to cum. And who was I to say no, as her hips thrashed through her release.

"That's such an efficient machine, Slave", she murmured as she  came back down to planet hideaway.  Mistress then returned the favor, first by using her own lips and tongue to bring her work-a-day cock to full attention, and then riding it to another orgasm. Having seemingly satisfied my Mistress for the moment, it was soon the slave who was (more appropriately) asking for permission to cum.

After Mistress whipped up heaping plates of scrambled eggs, slave mounted our bikes on the rent-a-car and we headed up to s scenic national park along the Rio Grande for an 18 mile ride across the high desert landscape.

Back at the house, it was time to relax a bit out in our patio. It did not take Mistress long to shed her biking shorts and jersey. As you can see, Mistress enjoyed a healthy snack. She's a big fan of Ranier cherries!

By late afternoon, we were ready for a nap. But before pulling back the covers, Mistress got a call from her lover, Jay.  He had just dropped off his son for two weeks with his other parent. I made myself scarce so they could "catch up", joining Mistress in bed once her call was completed.

"I think he's disappointed that I'm not around now that he's kid-less slave...."

"I'm sure he is Mistress.... if we had thought ahead, we could have invited him out here to join us for a while....."

Mistress scrunched her face in thought.

"Hmmmm..... I'm not sure how that would work.  It would be a real challenge to decide who to sleep with every night, slave....."

"It would put you on the spot, wouldn't it.  I guess we could draw straws."

"I'm not sure Jay would want to share like that, slave...."

"I guess you could do shuttle diplomacy.... sort of Henry Kissinger, but sexy and naked?"

We shelved the idea for some future visit. Obviously planning would be important. But all that cuckolding talk did seem to put Mistress in the mood for some pre-nap worship.

Not that it takes much to put her in the mood.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Funky 4th

Here in our little town in the shadow of the Sangre de Christo mountains, we celebrate the 4th as proud Americans, but with a multi-cultural twist. And when I say multi-cultural, I'm not just including ethnic diversity, but a good touch of 60's counter-culture too.

Mistress and Slave rested up on Friday for the patriotic festivities, squeezing in a healthy dose of sex, and keeping our two-a-day streak going. And while we had some hearty 4th of July wake-up sex our day got a little out of control after that.

First we hosted a gathering of friends - some locals and 2nd homers - here on our sunny patio.  (No, Mistress was not topless). That was for some "pre-parading" to get ready for the annual parade just down the street on our little town's main (and only) drag.  Slave whipped up some Bellini's for our guests (Prosecco and some freshly blended peach juice - a pinkish fizzy concoction that would have floated Terri's boat), and Mistress laid out a spread of munchies to keep us fueled for the festivities to come.

Of course, some of our guests are more "look-at-me" than others.  The guy in the afro wig on the Pride "float" was one guest who felt the need to be in the parade rather than watch it go by. Back in real life he gazes into the mouths of angsty patients all day, so maybe we should cut him some slack?

And you all may have funky Americana themed 4th of July parades in your home town. But I bet none of you saw a winged belly dancer on horseback yesterday:

No.  That's not Mistress.  But I bet she'd look hot in that costume.

Parade over, we begged off the annual pig roast, in favor of an early afternoon nap, but only after shoo-ing off Mr. Afro Wig and his wife, who was all decked up in a Ellie Mae Clampett meets Uncle Sam costume. I think they could tell we were hoping they would leave when Mistress asked them
"So when are you going to leave?", and I interjected "You mean here, or town?"

They finally got the message, and we headed to our bed for a while. We had to rest up for round two, a picnic at our neighbor's house.  They are a sprawling Hispanic family in the restaurant business, with plenty of kids, grand-kids, former employees and pals enjoying the holiday in their back yard, adjoining ours, with those big mountain views.  Mistress is always a big hit with the men (and women) at this event, as they fawn over her beautiful greenish eyes and long full tresses. As the afternoon faded into evening, and the tequila flowed, we get an insiders glimpse at local culture and family life-- all very colorful and spicy, like the red and green chile that ends up on everything on your plate.

And we got an earful about Donald Trump from just about everyone.

Hope all of our readers on this side of the pond had as much patriotic fun for the 4th as we did!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hunkered Down for the Holidays

When I heard on NPR this morning that 42 million people will be crowding airports and roads this weekend, it made me even more gratified that Mistress and Slave are safely ensconced in our hideaway already, with no plans to return home for another 9 days.

So how did we spend our first day of empty nesting and vacation here?

Not doing much.

Well there was a little client coddling over the internet and phone. But that was put to bed my around noon. Leaving plenty of time for some wake-up sex, a bike ride, and Mistress sunning herself on our patio.

"Do you think it's OK for me to be out here nude with the neighbors around, Slave?"

Was she really asking for my permission?  She was already nude, slathered with sunscreen and enjoying the warm SW sun.

"I suppose if they wandered over here to borrow some milk, or share a prairie dog extermination remedy, they would be assuming the risk of seeing a nude neighbor, Mistress."

"Then it would be their problem, not mine, wouldn't it?"

Obviously, Mistress was not deterred. And there was no FedEx delivery to anticipate.

As Mistress enjoyed the recharge of her solar batteries, slave engaged in some field slave duties - some mowing and weed-eating and pruning - but nothing too strenuous.

But as the day progress, something amazing happened.

"Even I've had enough sun, slave."

She actually moved under our portal, enjoying the view and high desert air, but sheltering her firm, lush body from the all that UV exposure.  It was an odd, but inspiring view.

By late afternoon, the rhythm of late afternoon pop up thundershowers reemerged, just in time for our late afternoon nap time.

Then, fully recharged, what else was there to do but a second round of love making with thunder, rain and (incongruously) sunshine providing atmospheric  background for our under the sheets endeavors. Mistress did some hearty cock-riding to put a punctuation mark on our first day away.

While we have some social engagements over the weekend, we will do our best to continue hiding out for the next 9 days.  What else are hideaways for?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mistress's Two-Fer Tuesday

First an update on our travels: Mistress and Slave made it safely to our SW hideaway yesterday afternoon, giving us plenty of time for a restful nap and some pre-dinner sex in our cozy bed here on the edge of the Sangre de Christo mountains.

"We don't have to close the door, or worry about disturbing anyone, Slave..."

I think I mumbled something in response, but was too busy focusing on assaulting those clean shaven folds with my anxious tongue and lips as a precursor for my own chance to indulge. I mean,  it had been since Tuesday morning since slave had his own chance to cum!

Which brings us back to Tuesday.

I bemoaned on Mistress's behalf on my Tuesday morning post that Mistress would have to go a couple of weeks without the more athletic sexual services of her lover Jay.

I was misinformed.

After our own wake-up sex, Slave showered for work and, as I was dressing for an abbreviated work day, I asked Mistress what was on her schedule for the day.

"I have a meeting around 10 slave, then, of all goes well, some time with 'my friend ' before another meeting at 4....."

I raised an eyebrow.

"He really wanted another chance to see me before I left town...."

"It only seems fair Mistress..... it wouldn't  be right to leave him high and dry for so long."

Of course, I suspect Mistress's motives were not completely motivated by her heartfelt sympathy for her lover's sad, horny  plight.  She relishes a good hard fucking more than anyone I know. And while I can provide a suitable work-a-day fuck, there's nothing like having a a back-up  who reserves all that sexual energy for several days, then let's it all loose on her. If slave is the old reliable starting pitcher, Jay is the closer with with 103 mph fastball.

And it seems that Jay was more than happy to "bring the heat" on Tuesday afternoon.

Mistress gave me a brief "read out" of their two hours together as I worshiped Tuesday evening, savoring the residue of their time together.  Then I pried some more detail out of her on our ride up from the airport to our hideaway yesterday afternoon.

"He kind of went crazy, slave..... he kept saying how sexy I was, and spent a lot of time with his tongue on me...."

"Lots of orgasms, Mistress?"

"Lots and lots. Of course there was some cock riding too..... and him taking me from behind."

Sounds like Jay was doing more than blowing off some pent up sexual steam.  He was giving Mistress something to ponder while she's off on our 12 day holiday. I suspect she'll be ready for more by the time we get home.

In the meantime, I will try to rise to the challenge of keeping her suitably entertained here in the sunny southwest.