Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Women Want....

Slave spent most of the day driving our cute Co-Ed #2 to the east coast for her timely return to her "studies", which frees up her parents for a little more private fun in our (finally) empty nest. Now I'm sitting at the local airport, waiting for my flight back to the heartland.

Poor Mistress has to venture out into the night to pick me up! But she at least got spared the long drive, and unloading  all that dorm room stuffing from the car that our daughter gets to keep on campus this semester.

Of course, our very early departure this morning ruled out our typical wake up sex. And I have a feeling tonight may be a little lean too. The most unfortunate part is that while Mistress had a breakfast date with her lover Jay this morning, his inability to find someone to watch his son foreclosed her chance for some "cat's away" play in my absence.

Poor Mistress. I wonder if she dusted off her favorite power tool?

At least Mistress has a session with her backbench lover K set up this coming week before the two of us head on Thursday for a ski break at our SW hideaway.

Of course, not everyone gets the cuckold dynamic, Jay least of all. But yesterday I came upon this article titled What Women Want... a Primer, which summarizes some research that seems to validate our own somewhat unusual lifestyle... with Mistress enjoying the privilege of the company of other men that catch her fancy.

The article, based on scientific and anthropological research suggests that the conventional wisdom that women long for a simple, monogamous, long term relationship where they can raise and nurture their children is a lot of malarkey.  I won't highlight all the points made ... read the article! But here are two highlights that relate to the cuckold dynamic:

3. Monogamy turns women off.

After one to four years of monogamy, a woman's desire for her partner drops far more dramatically than a man's. (This effect is markedly reduced if the couple lives apart.) The once white-hot passion of early love often turns into muted, dutiful sex or trying to avoid sex altogether. One woman in the book described marital sex thus: “My body would respond, but the pleasure was like the pleasure of returning library books.”

5. A woman's desire is stoked by sex with strangers, not a devoted soul mate.

Women like novelty. They like it in pornography, in their sexual encounters and in lovers. A sexually sated female scorpion (smoking her tiny scorpion cigarette) will not want to have sex with the same scorpion until 48 hours later. But give her a sexy new scorpion lover and she's ready to go in an hour and half.  The matriarchal Mosuo tribe accommodates this desire by providing females with a flower room where they can privately receive their lovers. See also: Five Things We Know About Societies Run By Women. In other words, that book Porn for Women featuring pictures of men doing housework is not only a tired one-joke premise, but crap biologically as well.

So the research that this article references coincides precisely with Slave's contractual agreement  to let Mistress "step out" from time to time and enjoy the company of "strangers", as well as my "ready steady" marital ministrations. If Mistress has a little extra spring in her step, or sway to her hips, when she contemplates an afternoon with a younger or more athletic lover, or if her mind drifts off to her last "workout" with Jay when slave tends to her clean shaven folds, she's just following her natural instincts, rather than repressing them.

Of course, none of this explains why Slave gets an erotic thrill of his own when she shares the details of her sexcapades, or shares her upcoming plans.

I guess that's the subject for a separate dissertation. 

Post Script:

Slave made it home safely last night from my east coast odyssey. Mistress confirmed that she used her power tool as a replacement for my conjugual ministrations yesterday morning.  Should I be worried? Machines are so much more efficient!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

NNT- Mistress's Drops By In Her Special Tights

Slave's sad 48 hours of abstinence came to a satisfying end here on Wednesday morning. Mistress was very indulgent. . .. The only thing that threw a wrinkle into the festivities was when a particularly soft passage of the concerto playing on our radio, to mask the sounds of our furtive couplings from the nosy Co-Ed on the other side of our bedroom wall, coincided with Slave reaching his own more robust crescendo.

As I was about to ask for permission to cum, it seemed like the music disappeared all together....

"what happened to the music, Mistress?" I whispered.

"Just go for it quietly Slave....."

Slave always follows orders.

Once the dust settled it was off to our busy workdays.  But the bonus was that Mistress had set up a drink downtown with a work colleague from her past (a guy, but it was not that type of 'date'). This allowed her to slink into my office at around 4 pm for some pre-cocktail 'refreshment' that only a skilled and devoted slave can provide.

She had on a cute black dress and leather jacket - one she had acquired during our trip to Paris - and some black tights and boots to match.

And a special treat for slave....

"I wore my special tights, slave....."

All she had to do was sit on her throne and spread those strong and muscular thighs to give her slave access to those tempting clean shaven folds.

The rest was up to me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pent Up Demand

Mistress is clearly missing the sexual variety that she has come to enjoy with the benefits of our empty nest and the cuckolding privilege provided in our contract.

Yesterday morning she had one of those very early business engagements, which meant there was no wake-up sex in the UCTMW Executive Suite, adding to  both of our frustration.   But when we checked in later in the day, she reported some scheduling developments for next week - once our daughter is back at college. It seems like there is light at the end of this tunnel.

"I was in touch with K today Slave.... he wants to stop by next week for a little mid-day rendezvous...."

(K, as frequent readers know,  is Mistress's back-up lover. They don't get together as often as  she does with Jay. But he does make house calls, which is certainly an advantage to a busy Mistress).

"I suspect there is some pent up demand on his part too, Mistress.... it's been a while since he's had a chance to enjoy you...."

"So it seems Mistress. After we agreed to meet he starting sending me all these sext messages.... I'll tell you more later...."

Well that piqued my interest, as you can imagine.

Later, when we had a little more time to talk, she filled in some details.

"He was spinning out this scenario where he demands that I strip in front of him .... then I have to undress him.... then there is some cock sucking, and a few other things Slave......"

"Sounds like he's been thinking about you Mistress, developing some plans...."

"He seems to have worked up quite a little fantasy, Slave....."

"Sounds like something you'd be more than happy to convert to reality, Mistress...."

"I think I could fill that role.... but he worked you into it too, Slave....."

"Oh, really?"

"After he takes me once, he has you come in and clean me up Slave.... with your tongue of course...."

"Of course....."

"And watching you perform those clean up duties makes him hard again, so there's a 2nd round of fucking....."

"I'd be happy to be of service, Mistress....."

"I told him you would be more than happy to help out, SLave....."

Of course contemplating all this cuckolding had a certain impact on Slave..... and while Mistress had some worship last night when we got home from a dinner with my daughter and cute grand kids, Slave's own pleasure was deferred until this morning.

Since slave experienced an unscheduled abstinence day,  there is a little pent up demand to be met here this morning too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

(Too Much)Togetherness

Mistress and Slave are grinding our teeth and other body parts as we patiently await the restoration of the empty nest here in River City.  For reasons that appear to relate to the bottom line, Institutions of higher education have gone to schedules which seem to suspend education for 6-7 weeks between the holidays and the end of January, giving them a chance to sell "winter term" classes, charge even more for room and board, and, as a consequence, leaving too many kids with too much time on their hands.

Our older daughter is taking a class on her campus this month. But cute Co-Ed #2 is hanging out here, taking up space, emptying our larder and cramping our sexy stylings in a big way.  And apparently she's developed a taste for red wine and high end designer beers with all that overseas travel.

Just staying at home can be expensive for Mom and Dad when that's the way you roll.

We have adapted as best we can, playing music to mask the sound of our furtive wake up sex.  But I am now counting the hours before I deliver her to her east coast campus on Saturday. I haven't looked forward to an 8 hour car ride this much in a very long time!

Plus she seems particularly nosey this month.

"She's always asking me who I'm texting Slave....."

"That can cramp the style of any cuckoldress, can't it, Mistress?"

Her constant presence has made it hard for Mistress to chat with her lover Jay, which can tamp the fires of any side dish romance. And it's prevented her from scheduling a little noon time diversion with her back-up lover, K.

On Saturday night we went to a movie and stopped for a drink at a local bar just as an excuse to get out of the house and away from our monitor.

And we've been lingering downstairs, watching some TV to blunt her criticism that we spend too much time in bed. (Which by the way is where she seems to be camped out most of the day).

We have caught this new show on HBO called "Togetherness" about a 30-ish married couple dealing with a sexual malaise in their marriage. It's sort of a cable channel sitcom with at least enough sexual content to make it R rated. And it's tossed in just a little kink in the first two episodes that raised our eyebrows.

In episode 1, the husband catches his wife in bed masturbating with her vibrator, and with clothes pins clipped onto  her nipples that the husband was able to see poking over the sheets. It reminded us of that long lost blogger Sin and the depredations she would engage in at the direction of her long distance Dom. Of course in this case, the happy ending was aborted amidst embarrassment and the husband's disbelief.

In episode 2, the wife decides to rekindle the spark by taking on a Domme-ish tone, dressing in a slutty black dress and hose, and ordering her husband to strip in front of her when he gets home from work. But naturally the horny husband fucks up the mood by questioning what's going on, and asking for a banana, rather than simply going with the flow. A spanking scene goes awry when she accidentally clips his balls with her palm. You come away agreeing with her when she says "Don't be a pussy!" Sadly, no one scores.

I'm not sure that anyone ever gets a happy ending on this show. Maybe Mistress and Slave need to be recruited to make a cameo appearance and get this couple on the right track.

It's sad isn't in when a sex blog has to resort to reviewing HBO shows for fresh material.  Even more reason to restore our empty nest!