Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving. Now, Eat!

Here at the UCTMW World HQ we had a prequel feast last night, including Molly's sister and brother in law in town for the holiday, my daughter, son-in-law and two cute grandsons who will be at his family's ritual feasting today, and Molly's mother, the Dowager Domme of the family.  We did a good job of avoiding any major confrontations or faux pas, holding our fire until the birds are served tomorrow.

(Well there was one little "yuck" moment, with Molly's sister making fun over grilled Salmon of some little boy on her husband's side of the family because he likes artsy crafty things, makes himself bracelets, and wanted to dress like a girl for Halloween. She didn't know that my grandsons love artsy crafty things, and my daughter had put a whole raft of them on her suggested Christmas gifting list. Several of us swiftly steered the conversation in the direction of "isn't it good that kids don't have to fit into the old stereotypes anymore".  Not sure she got the hint.)

The house is already filling up. Our Cute Co-Ed is here, beginning to fret about what happens after she graduates in June. (her parents are fretting too!). And this morning when I went down to brew coffee, humming some Holiday tune, I was startled to discover her semi-boyfriend asleep on our couch.  Where did he come from? And is it good or bad that he's not sharing CCO's bed?

Even with the extra bodies here, Mistress and Slave will definitely engage in some stifled wake up sex. If we are going to indulge in rituals today, we might as well start with a good one.  There will be some bike riding, some brush clearing for me, and a visit to my cranky mother, who is long past joining us for dinner. I will almost miss her annoyed demeanor at the table, and her grousing about no one eating her store bought sweet potato pie with the coolwhip can beside it,  in favor of the thick creamy home made concoctions prepared my Molly's mom.

This brings us to the subject of buffer guests. Those friends, work colleagues or even total strangers  in high demand to provide some insurance that the family gathering will not quickly devolve into an ugly showdown where the scabs of generational resentment and decades old petty insults,  are picked apart and rubbed raw like the carcass of a fattened turkey's carcass.

Family members are much more reluctant to remind you that you (or your children) have gained weight, that you wore that outfit last year, or that they make more money than you, if your old college pal, or your executive assistant and her husband are there at the table, right?

Plus there's always a chance that one of your guests teenaged kids will get high with you on the deck, or hook up with one of your kids or their cousins in a guest bedroom while dessert is served.  That's better than the threat of  incest.

Of course, inviting buffer guests to defuse family tensions is a tradition as long as Thanksgiving itself. Why do you think the "native Americans"  invited those fancy panted Puritans to what is reputed to be the first Thanksgiving?  To teach them table manners?

But the competition for buffer guests is getting more intense with each passing Thanksgiving. I've heard that instead of being grateful for the invite to over-indulge with you and your "loving" family, they are comparing invitations up to the last minute, and asking the successful bidder to "sweeten" the deal. And I'm not talking about letting them take home left over sweet potato pie and cool whip.

Note to Self: Next year launch an Uber like App to match potential buffer guests in the n neighborhood with families in desperate need. It could even show "times of arrival" and "times the pies get cut" to match the hungry with the desperate for diversion!  Heck, there could even be "advanced searches" that identify whether any of the guests will be wearing cock cages!

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers! We hope all of you make it through the most caloricly challenging holiday of them all without insulting (or being insulted by) a relative or being disowned.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Femdom Comes to Prime Time But Lays Low at the UCTMW World HQ

Slave has an annoying habit of getting up early (at least annoying to Mistress who likes me warming our bed at all times.) When CNN gets too depressing, I tend to check out Hulu for interesting new shows and got hooked a few weeks back on Gotham on FX, a sort of Batman prequel set in a pre-apocolyptic NYC beset by sleazy crime bosses and corrupt cops and politicians (sounds like any big city in the 1970's doesn't it?) It's a prime time broadcast show on FX, presumably with a teen or young adult audience in mind. I mean, who buys comic books?

So I was a little surprised to see a see an out and out femdom bondage scene featuring a black corseted Jada Pinkett Smith, in her role as the unlikely named "Fish Mooney", with some Russian crime boss tied to her bed.
Sure, they were only ribbons, but the imagery must have set off the hormones of high school boys and girls everywhere. It's good to know that all those post-pubescent girls reading their Mom's dog eared version of 50 Shades now know that this kink goes both ways.  BTW, it seems that Fish is into foot worship too:

Sadly, the submissive Russkie gets machine gunned in a subsequent episode, so Fish may have to find a new Sub. Maybe Alfred, the young Bruce Wayne's loyal butler? Or Detective Gordon, who's girlfriend decided to forego cock and hideout with a lady DA? 

Unfortunately, with our cute Co-Ed back from college for the Thanksgiving feedbagging, Mistress will not be able to suitably exploit her Slave over the weekend. We have a large family crowd descending here for dinner tonight (you have to eat big meals before Thanksgiving to help stretch the linings of your intestines, right?). Then the BIG MEAL Thursday and another follow up on Friday. Overly full tummies and good sex really don't mix well do they? 

Bu you can expect Mistress and Slave to give it a go, nonetheless, particularly this morning, before the carbo-loading begins in earnest.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mistress and Slave Break In Some New Peek-a-Boo Tights

After a restful and sexually abundant weekend, Mistress had another one of those early mornings on Monday .... out the door by 7:30 doesn't leave much time for our wake-up sex rituals. And to make matters worse for her poor and easily distracted slave, she slithered into a new pair of "peek-a-boo" tights before heading out to work.

I was there sipping my coffee, reading the paper, while she applied her make-up and brushed her hair in those black tights and bra.

"I will have just enough time to let you worship me, Slave...."

Kneeling at the side of the bed and applying my tongue to that little aperture at the juncture of her strong and shapely thighs just added a little more fuel to slave's simmering fire. But at least Mistress had a little starter cum to launch her day.

When she put on the final touches of her outfit -- black dress ending a few inches above the knee, those kinky new boots and a black leather jacket -- she was the perfect image of a Domme with an advanced degree and a  very high hourly rate. 

Slave was able to ride my bike to work yesterday, giving an outlet for all that excess sexual energy. Fortunately, when I got home around dusk, Mistress was waiting for me. And she hadn't changed from her work day Domme look.  When I commented on her look, she noted that at her early morning meeting one of her male clients took note.

"He said.... look at Molly in her black leather....."

"I'm sure they were all looking, Mistress....."

With a free evening before us.... the last for a while with our empty nest soon to be re-infested for the holiday....we adjourned to our bed in Mistress's Executive Suite.

"How would you like to fuck me in my peek-a-boo tights, Slave?"

I think you all know the answer to that question.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kinky Boots and UCTMW Fan Fiction?

Mistress allowed slave to break his long cruel streak of abstinence on Saturday morning .... it was the sort of 36 hours of denial that I know won't earn me any "Awww.... poor Mick's" here..... But I know I was grateful. I tried to make sure Mistress was equally gratified, and threw in some afternoon worship too to make sure she had sufficient return on her investment.

Last night we had a double date of sorts with some friends .... we were heading to a funky urbanista neighborhood, so Mistress dressed down with dark jeans and a black leather jacket. She topped off (or would it be bottomed off?) the look with some new all weather boots she acquired on her recent visit to Portland.  Here they are:
I think they have a "Cruel Mistress" sort of feel, don't you?  Maybe accessorized with a black leather whip or crop?  Mistress see them as a more practical solution for snowy or slushy days here in the heartland, because they've got tough, rubber soles, and a heel built in to the body of the shoe.  I wonder of she'd let me lick some day to get the salt off?

Turning to a different subject, Slave is still having fun with the UCTMW Tumblr page, where we now have more than 200 followers.  The content out there ranges from cute kinky to artsy kinky  to creepy and dark kinky. And lots of images seem to get recycled regularly. But there was one unattributed image that popped up on my stream that made me wonder if there is someone out there who has appropriated our characters here at UCTMW and turned them into a very well drawn and imagined comic strip.  Take a look:

Although, taking a closer look, this lady is missing Mistress's clean shaven folds. But I swear that container with the kitchen tools is exactly what you'd find here in the UCTMW corporate commissary.