Friday, April 17, 2015

Mistress Can't Wait....

After three days of scrupulously subscribing to the "no touch" rule, you can bet that slave is more than a little anxious to be reunited with Mistress in the UCTMW Executive Suite. I am wrapping up my conference in the Steel City (you can see how closely I'm paying attention), and will soon hit the road for the 5 hour journey back to River City.

Last night I pined for Mistress at  a gritty local sports bar, watching the locals moan and groan through a Stanley Cup play-off game as their Pens took on the Rangers. I'm not a big hockey fan, but was amused that when the Pens finally scored in the 2nd period, the chant broke out "shots on the house". The bar tender was not persuaded.

When I talked the Mistress this morning, explaining how desperate I was to a break my long chaste nightmare in her arms this evening, I was hoping for some similar sentiment.

Like, "I'm sure I'll be horny for you too, Slave...."

But instead she let it drop  that she'd be heading to her lover Jay's house for some noontime nookie.

"It's been a long draught for me too, slave. And I think Jay misses me."

So as I drive west towards the heartland, I'll be thinking of Mistress starting without me, no doubt getting a royally good fucking.

"Will you have any energy left for me, Mistress?"

"Awww. Poor Slave. Are you sulking. I thought you liked to worship after Jay's has his way with me."

"Of course I do, Mistress...."

"Ohhh, don't worry. I'll save a little energy for you too, Slave."

Typically, I can wait until morning after Mistress has one of those mid-day and highly athletic sex sessions with her lover.  But I'm not sure I can be so patient today.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Poor Mistress....

Slave has definitely been derelict in his duties these last two days.

I've had to go to a rather tedious professional meeting in Steel City, leaving Wednesday morning, and not returning until Friday until dinner time.

This has left Mistress bereft of the services her slave typically is expected to provide.

I had to slide out of the bed and hit the road early yesterday morning, so it would have been rude to wake her for morning worship, let alone our traditional wake up sex.

Last evening we talked. She was heading to a "networking" event with some professional women.

"Hmmmm, Mistress. Maybe one of them will hit on you. That might be fun."

"That would be in interesting change of pace, Slave.  Sometimes I do get tired of all that guy baggage. You all have so many needs for me to deal with.  Women can be simpler...."

Sadly, when we checked in later that night, Mistress was home alone, no closer to some sexual attention than beforehand.

"They were pretty much like me, Slave.... no one hit on me. I did pass on the post event trip to a bar that I was invited too...."

Well that might have been a missed opportunity.

Today she was downtown near my office, for another meeting. The following text conversation ensued:

"Downtown, Slave.... and no worship. Poor me."

"I am definitely in default of my obligations, Mistress."

"You are, Slave".

Tonight she was hoping that her lover Jay might provide some hot companionship.  But, sadly, he has child care duties that make him unavailable. Instead, she's meeting a female friend at a local bar restaurant. It can also me a bit of a meat market.  So I suppose there is a chance that someone will catch her eye.

But if not, poor Mistress may be without sexual services for two nights in a row. That hasn't happened in some time. And I have a feeling Slave will be held responsible.

Maybe she'll make me set up a "cuckold calendar" service, as Terri does for Diane, over at "A Married Sissy". That way I'd have responsibility for keeping her sexually satisfied even when I am out of town.

I suspect she will be tempted to deploy her favorite power tool tonight, if only to take the edge off.

As for me. My instructions are clear.

"Remember Slave.  No touching.  If I'm not getting any, why should you.  I expect you to come back here very horny on Friday."

I don't think that will be a problem.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lunch Flirt

One of the fun parts of Mistress's contractual right to play the field is that she can share with her slave the occasional flirtations that most hot spouses probably engage in, but have to keep underwraps to avoid the more traditional spousal jealousy backlash.

Example: yesterday Mistress had a lunch "date" with a guy she had dated all the way back in High School. They reconnected when her Mother (the Dowager Domme) mentioned that she had run into Peter at some business function. Mom must have made some comment that Peter seemed to be doing very well for himself and was looking good. And that he'd like to here from Molly.

(Hmmmm.   Do you think DD got so deep into Mistress's emails that she figured out that she has permission to cuckold her husband/slave?  Was this a hook-up? Now there's something to contemplate.)

Well Mistress couldn't help but look him up on facebook. And make the reconnection. Leading to their lunch date.  When I asked about him she said they had met in some sort of high school ski club, but he went to a different high school.  They dated some, but Mistress had a more permanent relationship in her neighborhood. So, she asserts, they never really had sex.

"Just messed around a little, Slave....."

Nothing like some hot but frustrating teenaged make out sessions. I imagine that the time bombs of unfulfilled teen hormone fueled lust are still ticking away inside both of them.

So here they are, more than 30 years later, meeting for lunch in the local hipster neighborhood. I was definitely curious about how things would go. She checked in with me after she headed home.

"He was pretty hunky, slave.... "

"Did he flirt, Mistress....."

"You could call it that.  He certainly mentioned several times how great I looked.... "

So will anything come of this? She described it all as a delicate dance.  He's married. And knows that Mistress is too.  But of course they didn't get into the subject of her special privileges.

"It's hard to figure how to say 'I have permission' even if you are interested in someone, slave...., without being too obvious."

Mistress does not like to be the one who makes the first move in this sort of thing. 

But she did mention they had traded a couple of texts after their lunch.

Whether anything comes of it, I suppose it never hurts Mistress to know that hunky guys from her past are still drooling over her after all these years. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Slave Takes the 2nd Shift.

Mistress seemed to enjoy herself Friday night.

After some wine and cheese with her lover Jay at the UCTMW World HQ, we headed over to a cute little hipster bar / bistro near our house. It's one of those places with the big Bourbon collection, and tapas style plates to keep your tummies full.  The joint was hopping when we got there, so we grabbed three adjoining seats at the bar - with Mistress in the middle of course.

Occasionally I could feel Mistress's soft right hand caressing my thigh as we chatted amongst ourselves and with the owner / bartender.  And I suspected - Mistress later confirmed it - that her left hand was simultaneously stroking Jay's thigh too.

River City is  one of those small towns where it seems everyone knows everyone. The bartender went to high school with my oldest daughter. Next to us at the bar was an older couple - she knew Mistress's Mom (the Dowager Domme) and her husband taught at my older kids High School and knew me through work.

I suspect to all these folks, it just seemed like an long married couple sharing some drinks and a little food with a male friend (If they didn't catch Mistress fondling Jay's thigh). But for Mistress it was a chance to go public with her husband and lover -- she seemed as pleases as punch sandwiched betwixt the two of us.

After our dinner and drinks it was probably only about 9:30 pm when we got home. But as far as Mistress was concerned, it was "bed time".  Unlike the prior Saturday, Jau said he had to get up and out relatively early, for a golf game.

Mistress seemed OK with that, as long as she could sleep in.

"Don't worry, Mistress"  said to them both, "I'll take the 2nd shift...."

Jay laughed.

"I think I know exactly what he means".

I headed off to bed in one of the cute Co-ed's rooms. Mistress and Jay shut the door to the "Executive Suite".  And while I could hear some murmuring at various times during the  night, I must say I slept well.  Apparently I missed some very satisfying middle of the night sex, as Mistress reported later to me.

"Lot's of cock riding slave..... I'm surprised you didn't hear us."

I made Jay some coffee at about 7:30 am and he and Mistress spent some more time in our bedroom, behind closed doors,  with him heading off to golf at around 8:30 am.

With the cuckolder gone,  it was Slave's turn to join Mistress in bed.  She was still on a sexy nightie, sans undies.

"Did you miss me, Slave?"

I'm sure I mumbled something in the affirmative, although I was probably more focused on worming my way betwixt Mistress's thighs, savoring the flavors of her middle of the night sexcapades. Ultimately, Slave was rewarded for his patience with some robust wake-up sex before we both drifted back to sleep for awhile.

The sad part is that with Jay's son back in town this week, and our own daughters camping out here over the summer, the prospects of any weekend sleepovers of this type will dim for a while.

But I do think Mistress had enjoyed the pleasure of being attended too by both of her lovers these last two weeks.