Thursday, July 30, 2015


Mistress and Slave dropped off the radar back in River City yesterday, and have popped  back up on the left coast. It's a business trip for me, and I induced Mistress to join me with  a promise of a few days at the beach.  Big surprise - she fell for it!

So we've spent about 24 hours walking the streets of the City by the Bay, I have finished my brief work assignment, and soon we will pick up a car to head up the Coast for a few days of R&R.

Our hotel was one of the locations for that 1958 Hitchcock movie Vertigo.  So that inspired us to watch the movie Sunday evening. Last night we found the posh Nob Hill apartment building that Kim Novak called during the movie. And our hotel features a stair well that would made Jimmy Stewart's head spin.

The more appealing view at the hotel was Mistress on our king sized bed, "airing out" after a several hours of marching up and down hills here on an unusually warm afternoon.  Rest assured that Slave soon was employing all of my devotional skills to make her afternoon complete.

This morning, Slave had that brief work engagement that paid for my plane ticket and that nice hotel room bed. Mistress set up a breakfast date with an old male friend from her high school days who is a high tech poobah here on the coast. He cleared his schedule when Mistress offered to meet him for breakfast.

I was a little curious.

"So did you guys have sex back in the day, Mistress?"

She poo-poohed the notion.

"It wasn't like that then, Slave.  I was just in high school."

So you're saying he's never seen you naked, Mistress?"

"Well there was that time up in Alaska, when a group of us went skinny dipping...."

Ah, I figured there was a back story here.  Mistress is  now on her way back from her breakfast date.  I am looking forward to a full rundown.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mistress Primps for Her Saturday Afternoon Play Date

It's been hot and humid here this week in River City.

After Slave spent about an hour performing "field slave" duties in our yard -- "clearing brush" makes me feel a little too Reagan-esque but it has to be done - I joined Mistress in the shower. I was  washing away the grime, sweat and poison ivy detritus before doing the grocery shopping and visiting my cranky mother. Mistress on the other hand was freshening up after a morning bike ride so as to be to be nice and sweet for her mid-day appointment with her lover, Jay.

As she primped, Slave rested on the bed, reviewing some tedious work related documents on my lap-top. It gave me a chance to see Mistress run through her pre-cuckolding rituals.

Legs shaved.  Check.

Clean shaven folds shaved.  Check.


"I warned Jay that on Saturday afternoon there would be no make-up, Slave..... he seemed happy with that."

"Naturally.  You look beautiful without it, Mistress."

By the time I was ready to head off on some errands and visit my cranky mother, Mistress had selected some Saturday afternoon play date undies, and was lounging on our bed. She wouldn't be leaving for about 30 minutes so just had to select an appropriate summer frock and some jewelry to compliment it and her glowing tan.

Her state of dress (or undress) forced me to pick up my I-phone.

It was a rather summery combo, perfectly suitable for a Saturday afternoon romp with Mistress Type A, buff and randy lover.

"I think Jay will appreciate that choice, Mistress."

"Do you think so,'s not what I typically wear when I go over there...."

"Looks good enough to eat, Mistress...."

And I suspected Jay would be doing quite a bit of that before the afternoon was over.

Apparently Mistress had second thoughts. As I was pumping gas on my way to the grocery store, a text message from Mistress popped up on my I phone.  Apparently Mistress decided to change panties:

"nice, Mistress" was my response.  Either way I'm sure Jay would be happy doing the un-pealing.

Do our readers have any thoughts on the more appropriate summer afternoon cuckolding-wear?

I tended to my own affairs through the afternoon, and heard from Mistress at around 3:30 pm that she would be home in about 30 minutes.

As promised, she arrived home around 4 pm, with that post-fucked glow, wearing a light summer dress. And while we had plans to go to our swim club for an al fresco dinner, there was plenty of time for an appetizer.

Mistress stripped off that summer frock, lay back on our bed, and let slave push aside the narrow band of silky black fabric covering those recently shaved - and fucked - folds.  I was more than happy to sample the sopping aftermath of her afternoon delights.

"So how did your afternoon go, Mistress?"

"Lots of cock riding, Slave..... for some reason Jay was into that today.  And of course doing exactly what you're doing now....."

In response to my own ministrations, Mistress came with a quick and rousing moan, bucking her hips against my lips and tongue.

"Hmmmmm...... that was hot slave..... I guess I'm still aroused....."

It was a little unusual..... fresh and juicy fun for a cuckold / slave, as refreshing as a summer peach.

As Mistress has recently noted., summer is going by way too fast.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mistress's Busy Saturday

Mistress and Slave had a relaxing Friday evening with our daughter off for a weekend with her boy friend and some of their pals. We had a "food truck" dinner at our swim club, then watched a rather boring movie at home. 

Don't worry though. Mistress got a good helping of worship before our trip to the pool, then a bonus cum as she lie beside me on the couch during our movie.

Today Mistress will be going for a two-fer though.  I am anticipating some higher volume love making in our bed this morning.  Then, at around 11:30 am, Mistress will be embarking on a "play date" with her lover Jay.

While his child care duties won't allow for a sleep-over this weekend, it seems they were able to carve out some recreational time for Saturday afternoon.

Slave will be staying busy with some yard work and a visit to my cranky mother whilst Mistress exercises her clean shaven folds (and a few other muscles, I suspect. )

Hopefully there will be a more detailed report of her Saturday afternoon fun tomorrow!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shag one for the Gipper!

Mistress and Slave have had a low key week here in River City. We are looking forward to the weekend, when our daughter and her boyfriend have plans for a few days away with friends, leaving the UCTMW World HQ a briefly empty nest.

"We will be able to have loud sex again, Slave!"

It's something to look forward to, plus Mistress is also working on plans to get together on Saturday with her lover Jay..... by Sunday evening Mistress may have some tuckered out clean shaven folds!

But today's blog is inspired more by an article I saw in the Washington Post yesterday, titled  Why Are American Teenagers Having Much Less Sex?

This chart tells the story:
  Apparently back in the Reagan "Just Say No" Era about 60% of teen boys and 51% of teen girls were sexually active. That percentage has shrunk to 47% and 44% respectively in the "liberal" Obama Era.  Teen pregnancy rates are way down too.

Now Mistress came of sexual age back in the Reagan years. (Her ancient Slave first had sex back when Lyndon Johnson was grabbing Senators by the balls, hoping their hearts and minds would follow). I may have to ask her if there was something in the water that made all those teens fuck like bunnies as the Gipper and Nancy moralized about the evils of drug, sex and rock and roll. (But then didn't Nancy have a thing going with Frank Sinatra on the side?)

It appears that that Reagan Era generation of sexually licentious teens grew up to be the Ashley Madison generation. Now they're wondering if their profiles got hacked and their cock and boob shots will suddenly turn up on their facebook pages. 

And what would explain the less randy nature of our teens during the "permissive" Obama reign?
The article suggests they are too distracted by screen time. Maybe they're satisfied by virtual sex, or while away the hours watching other people do it on Netflix and Hulu?

I'm confused. It's clear that our kids aren't living up to our concupiscient example. Except, maybe, for the WC's daughter. I still can't believe she disappeared with his wife's hitachi.

Hmmmmm...... maybe that's it. Could 21st Century teen girls have realized that Hitachis are more reliable  and less messy than the quick fire cocks of the boys they go to high school and college with?