Saturday, November 22, 2014

Abstinence Day Redux

Here in River City, Mistress has had an unfortunate streak of early curtain calls. Which definitely puts a cramp in our more typical wake up sex patterns.

Yesterday was another day when she had to be out of the door at 7:45. As a result Slave would be denied his chance to take his pleasure in the customary spoiled slave way.

What made it harder was seeing Mistress getting primped and ready, all decked out in some sexy cobalt blue undies, and then slithering into some black tights and boots.

Fortunately, there was time for some worship before she got all suited up, leaving the taunting taste of her musky clean shaven folds on my lips to savor and tease as my day unfolded.

But then she had to make it worse.  I'm laying there in bed, reading the paper, freshly showered, in a blue robe, not in too much of a hurry to put on my own work costume.

She's in those black boots, tights and skirt, ready to go out the door. But what does she do?  She leans over and takes her work-a-day cock between those lush lips and gives me the full oral massage for about 40 seconds..... just enough to call out my inner horny guy.....then she blithely drops the matter, kisses me goodbye and la-de-dahs out the door on the way to work.


I must say that it took a good deal of slave discipline to abide by the "no touch" rule, and put horny thoughts aside.

At the end of the work day, we had a quick turn around, because of plans to meet some friends for dinner.  I returned home from work with only about an hour to change and head back out, finding Mistress in bed, stripped to those sweet blue undies and her black bra.....

"Would you like some worship before we go, Mistress?"

"I thought you'd never ask, Slave....."

After a long day contemplating  her sweet, red lips on my tart cock, I could hardly resist the opportunity to bury myself between her thighs, but, sadly, there would be no time for the "full monty". Instead, I simply enjoyed the chance to savor the delights hiding behind those wispy blue panties, pushing the fabric aside with my tongue to find her sweet spot, and linger there until she came with abandon on my face.

"It's a shame we don't have time for more, Slave..... but duty calls."

"Looks like it will be an abstinence day, then, Mistress....."

"Sometimes it's good for you to be desperate, Slave....."

As you might expect, Slave is looking forward to this morning's chance to break this losing streak.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tights Taunts / HNT

With the early cold wave here in River City comes an unexpected dividend.

Lots of ladies on the streets downtown with their tights taunting a tights fetishist such as myself.

And of course Mistress enjoys teasing her Slave... working on a weak spot for full effect.

Yesterday as I was "slaving away" at my desk, my cell phone beeped with a photo from Mistress.

"new tights" she messaged.  Here is the photo, an odd and confusing perspective, but apparently a from the top close up of Mistress after she slithered into a new pair of "peek-a-boo" tights:
It's an odd image, all curves, texture and a little hint of the aperture that makes her Oh so fuckable in those tights.

Then, when slave got home I found Mistress busily working in the UCTMW Executive Suite, with nothing on but her tights and a black bra.

Such a tease! 
After giving me the opportunity to worship, we whipped up some dinner, and watched a little TV.  Mistress was next to me on the couch, her legs in those same taunting tights stretched across her Slave's lap, allowing me to stroke and rub and kiss and fondle those tight clad toes, feet, calves and thighs.

As you can imagine, by the time our show had ended, Slave could take no more of the taunt. Fortunately, Mistress was in an indulgent mood, allowing me to unleash my pent up lust in the fashion you might expect.  
I can't think of a better nightcap, can you?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shared Bodily Warmth

River City is caught up in this strange "Is it January, or November?" weather pattern. First the snow. Then temperatures in the teens.

We woke early, but reluctant to leave the warmth of our bed. The wake up sex and afterglow made it even more compelling to spend the day in bed with Mistress.

But, sadly, duty called. I had an early morning performance art engagement that required me to get out of that warm bed, shed the loving embrace of Mistress, and put on my work-a-day costume.


Fortunately, Mistress had other ways to stay warm.

"Jay's asked me to come over at lunch time, Slave.... I know I should be working, but I think I can fit it into my schedule. I'll just do some work over there."

"Poor Mistress.... it's a shame he doesn't make house calls."

"You're right, Slave.....but still....."

You could tell Mistress was missing her fix of Jay's more athletic sexual antics, and a mid-day break in a warm bed was too tempting to pass up, despite the inconvenient 20 minute drive out to Jay's across the frozen tundra.

Sure enough, MIstress was "off the grid" from about noon to 3:00 pm or so. When she came up for air we agreed I would see her at home around 6 pm.  Chilled from the walk across the driveway. the only place to go was straight back to bed with Mistress.... at least for a while.

In bed, I was allowed to worship Mistress's well exercised folds. In addition to some time in the sack with Jay, she'd also attended a morning spinning class. As I ministered to her with my soothing tongue and lips, I could hardly avoid tasting the salty, frothy remnants of her day's mischief.

And I nosily pumped her for some of the smutty details of her "lunch hours" with Jay.

"I told him to try missionary for a change, Slave.... because of my still tender back from all that raucous sex with him last week...."

"Did he mind, Mistress?"

"He said that's kind of 'boring', but he seemed to handle it ok. And I did ride his cock for a while...."

"I'm sure he was understanding, Mistress...."

"But after about an hour of that, I had to call it a day, Slave.... work to do..... I think he would have gone on for 3 hours if I had let him....."

Yikes. Jay really is pumped up these days.

Mistress had a nice little "apertif" cum before she whipped up some dinner, but made clear that her slave would be waiting until morning for his own opportunity.  After all, she'd had a pretty busy day.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Wonderland Edition

Mistress and Slave made it home safely from our memorable, romantic  weekend getaway.

Well there was that ignominious defeat for my alma mater on a long cold Saturday afternoon/evening. Lucrative network contracts come with a price.... the inconvenience to fans freezing in an ice encrusted stadium into the evening. We sure don't want to start the coverage too early on the West Coast do we? I might interfere with their eggs and avocado brunches.

Once we thawed out, back in our cute little hotel suite on the Lake, I expressed my appreciation to Mistress for toughing it out with me .... at least through the first quarter. She was able to find shelter at a cafe in the book store for the rest of the game, which.... naturally .... extended into OT before the home team completed their collapse.

But the snow covered campus sure did look pretty in the dark.... the famous dome glowing in its winter cloak.

And back at our hotel, all was warm and cozy.

"We should do this more often, Mistress, and just skip the football game."

"You won't get an argument from me on that one, slave."

I tried to make her long day worth it's while on Sunday morning. I had packed her favorite power tool, and made sure she got a full ride of sensation before granting her permission to cum. Her moans of delight would have made a nice, kinky podcast highlight. Fortunately, Mistress gave her slave permission to enjoy her clean shaven folds, which was frosting on the cake for my birthday celebration. We lolled for a while in bed, before a long walk on the snow encrusted beach that fueled our appetites for a big Sunday brunch at a cute local cafe.

The ride home to river city went smoothly. But now we've woken to a winter wonderland of our own, with an early 4 inches of snow on the ground and more falling.

Snow day?  At the very least the snow will be an excuse to huddle under the covers for some extended wake up sex this morning. At least we deserve a one hour delay, don't you think?