Friday, December 19, 2014

Western Correspondent Action Figure On Market Just in Time for the Holidays

Mistress, slave and the two dommes in training are now safely ensconced in our little apartment in the Marais district of Paris, dug in through Christmas. We are overcoming jet lag by gorging on chocolate mousse and two much coffee.

The holiday lights are a delight here, as the Parisians ward off the gloom of winter.

You will be glad to know that Mistress's clean shaven folds have been welcoming to her slave. Although the close confines of our little walk up in an ancient building required us to stifle our expressions of mutual delight this morning.

"At least the bed doesn't squeak, slave...."

While strolling last night after dinner, we did notice an interesting action figure in a window displaying holiday gift items.

"Look Mistress..... our Western Correspondent must be marketing action figures? It's got a special occasion cock!"

I may have to review his employment contract with UCTMW World Media Enterprises to see whether we are due royalties.

"It would make a nice stocking stuffer, slave....". Mistress noted.

And I will let that line speak for itself.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Slave's Long Nightmare Ending?

As reported here earlier this week, Mistress had a medical procedure last Friday which has caused the imposition of a temporary embargo on the insertion of foreign objects through the gateway presented by those alluring clean shaven folds.

That includes her "work-a-day" cock.

And while I've been allowed to worship with lips and tongue these last few days to soothe her way to a full recovery, Slave has been shut down for a whole 5 days at this point.

And, believe it or not, the "no touch" rule has been honored through this entire, ugly ordeal.

Last night I came home from work to discover Mistress in her peek-a-boo tights.


She did allow me to worship on our bed in the UCTMW executive suite, her folds easily accessed once she spread those firm and muscular thighs.


And we've made an "appointment" to resume full conjugal privileges this morning.

"I should be good to go in the morning, Slave, as long as you are gentle with me."

My heart skipped a beat. And her work-a-day cock gave a little twitch. Signs of life? Though I must say that the thought of returning to action makes me a little nervous.

"But what if I've forgotten how to do it, Mistress? It's been so long."

"Don't worry slave, I think I can remind you."

Let's hope.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Special Day for Our Senior Correspondent

Dear UCTMW friends,

Do you know what special day it is today?

Any idea of what I am dreaming of covering in chocolate, licking and sucking clean,  then repeating over and over again until some "cream" comes out to join the party?


Senior Correspondent

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mistress and Slave on Ice

Mistress was able to find an opening in her busy schedule for some afternoon nooky with her lover Jay on Thursday.  So when I came home Thursday night she had that "well fucked" look on her face, and even allowed me to have a taste of the residue mingling with her own sweet juices in her clean shaven folds.

"Can you taste anything different, Slave?" she asked, after I had soothed an extra cum out of her.

"Hmmm.... yes, Mistress. A little extra salty taste maybe...."

Sadly, I've never been the sort of natural juices connoisseur who can come up with flowery phraseology to describe the impressions made upon my taste buds.

Unfortunately, the wake up sex generously allowed by Mistress on Friday morning may be the last time Slave has for some sexual release until the middle of this coming week. Mistress had a minor medical procedure Friday afternoon (performed by the MD who got to enjoy her 'walk of shame" a few week weeks back). All went well, but her clean shaven folds are on the injured reserve list at least until Wednesday, when we head for France with our older cute Co-Ed.

Of course, all this abstinence is nothing new to lots of you out there. Your typical married middle aged couple probably only have sex once or twice a week anyway.  But 4 days without sex at the UCTMW World HQ is quite an abberation. If not an abomination!

Mistress finally was shaking off the aftereffects of the anesthesia this afternoon, as Slave prepared to watch the local Pussycats take on Johnny Football.

"I'm kind of horny, Slave....."

Slave can take a hint.  I persuaded her to let me to provide a little surface therapy with the tip of my tongue. Believe me, no arm twisting was required. 

"I don't think the doctor said 'no orgams' slave....."

I proceeded gently, not wanting to press Mistress's luck. Fortunately, she seemed able to cope with my delicate ministrations until they had the desired effect.

"Ummm.... that was nice, Slave....."

Let's hope this did not setback her recovery.

Slave is getting a little horny too.