Friday, August 28, 2015

Unexpected Quickie

After Thursday morning's wake-up sex, I thought slave was shut down for the day. We had a full house at home, and plans for dinner with our daughters at the end of the work day. And what slave can complain about one chance for sexual release a day? Certainly I am a pampered slave as compared to all you readers on perpetual lock down.

But I always keep hope alive.

When I got home I reclined on our bed with Mistress, who was lounging with her computer in a flimsy nightie. We took some family calls, checked our email. (I even responded on behalf of Mistress to an email from one of her "fans".  Our older daughter was off with a friend. But the other was through a rather thin wall next door, presumably packing for Sunday's trip to college.

I came upon Terri's rather detailed posting at A Married Sissy about a Wednesday afternoon encounter involving his wife Diane, her lover Paul, and poor Terri, blindfolded and listening to their sexy antics in the corner.  Pretty hot!  When Mistress finished talking to her Mother, the Dowager Domme, I handed her the computer, suggesting that she read Terri's entry for some mental stimulation while I descended betwixt her thighs, and topped off her orgasm tank.

She seemed more than amused, and was soon shuddering through a seemingly satisfying cum.

  Thanks for the assist Terri!

But then something surprising happened. As Mistress plugged her I-phone in, she peered out our window.

"Slave.... [our younger daughter] just left for a run....."

Hmmm.... a suddenly, if briefly, empty nest.

"Want to have sex?....."

Well we had already started, hadn't we? And slave was already at half staff, equally inspired by the picture of cuckolding debauchery so skillfully painted by Terri. With little additional assistance I was  soon ready for action.  Of course, It had to me a quickie. Our daughter is no marathoner. But somehow I rose to the occasion. What a surprisingly unexpected two-a-day and good way to end a Thursday.

The moral of this story: take your opportunities, and inspiration,  when and where they are presented!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shameless Cross Promotion

Here at the UCTMW World HQ, we've got a little more company infesting the nest.  Our younger daughter made a cameo appearance - arriving back from her European "internship" for a few days before leaving for college. With an extra daughter in the room next door, Mistress and slave will have to be even more silent when we exercise our conjugal rights.

That did not prevent me from offering to worship Mistress when we settled into bed last night . And fortunately I had a little extra help in terms of jump starting the arousal process.....

I was doing a little pre-worship blog perusal when I came upon this image of Mistress over at
The Cuckolder. It seems Marc's lover was out of town, and without any plaintive cries from the Cuck to unlock his cock cage (Marc has taken on a "keyholder" role) he had some time on his hands. (I won't speculate what he had in his hands),  So he was checking out our companion blog ( over at instagram and found this fetching image of Mistress to accompany some discussion of Mistress and slave occasionally using his blog as foreplay.

Of course, when your prime directive  is to sexually  stimulate and satisfy your dominant wife on a regular basis, you take help wherever it may be found.  When Mistress and slave ventured into the cuckold lifestyle, one theory was that a sexy and attractive women such as Molly could hardly be satisfied with the attentions of only one guy, no matter how devoted. With Mistress's primary lover Jay tied up with some family duties these last few weeks, she's had to rely on only her slave for any sexual fun. And while I've tried to rise to the occasion, it's always nice to have a little help when it comes to stimulating the imagination and getting those juices flowing.

So last night, it was only natural for me to hand the lap top to Mistress and let her read Marc's entry while my tongue and lips went on task. Of course Mistress was a little surprised when she found her visage on someone else's blog. And her overly self critical nature focused on a perceived shortcoming - "I'm not sure I like that shot of my tummy, slave....." I reassured that she looked quite fetching in that shot, as I am sure our readers would agree. Once she put down the laptop, it seemed it took only a few more seconds before she was shuddering through her evening cum.

Somehow I don't think Marc has a problem with his role as surrogate cuckolder in the UCTMW Executive Suite.  It takes a village!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dommes Have More Fun

Here at the UCTMW World HQ, we had an unexpected bonus Sunday night: our daughter who had nursed her boyfriend (Mr. Boxers) back to health on Saturday evening. (I’m not going to speculate what was involved), drove him back to campus on Sunday afternoon.  Then she texted her mother that she would be spending the night! WooHoo! That left our upstairs open for some lusty late afternoon fucking to complement our morning sex. Two consecutive two a days is always worth celebrating for some dude almost eligible for Medicare.

Yesterday was a little more Spartan. Mistress had one of those early wake-up calls, meaning no chance for AM sex. By yesterday evening, slave was happy to just honor her with some pre-bedtime worship, enjoyed as she read Marc Divigny’s latest entry at “The Cuckolder”.  This is becoming a tradition, with Marc’s cuckold adventures  priming Mistress’s lush clean shaven folds, and making Slave’s job all the easier. 

An occasion when Mistress gets a cum, while Slave gets to wait until the next morning fits in well with today’s blog, triggered by a study at the 538 Blog titled The Gender Orgasm Gap.  It turns out the Cuckold / Femdom lifestyle flips the standard male / female gender gap on its head:

In 2009, the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) asked 1,931 U.S. adults ages 18 to 59 about their most recent sexual experience. The topline findings show that men are more likely to orgasm than women — 91 percent of men said they climaxed during their last sexual encounter, compared with 64 percent of women.
But there seems to be a perception gap, too — at least among men. Eighty-five percent of men said their partners in that recent sexual encounter had reached climax, far higher than the percentage of women who said they orgasmed. That can’t simply be explained away by saying that the men were referring to different sexual partners. Most of these sexual encounters were heterosexual — 92 percent of men and 98 percent of women said their last sexual encounter was with someone of the opposite sex. So it seems like some of those men were wrong when they said their partners had orgasmed — either their egos are causing them to overestimate, or some of those women are faking it.

The chart tells the tale of the sad plight of women who have not taken charge in their relationship:

Unlike the sad, disadvantaged “typical” women represented by this graph, Molly would seem to enjoy an orgasm with every “sexual encounter” we have the opportunity to enjoy. (Unless I’m one of those pathetic guys who imagines that orgasms are happening when they apparently are not). In fact what's the point of a "sexual encounter" that does not end in pleasing your female partner? Unlike the selfish "typical" guys represented in this data, Molly certainly outscores her hardly sexually deprived slave, who has no complaints on the frequency of cum front.

That also seems to be the case in the home of “The Married Sissy”, where Terri keeps a daily orgasm log that  documents the fact that his dominant wife “scores” much more frequently than he does. (Though I might add that Diane could probably use some more orgasms to keep up with Molly).

I note that women seem to cum more typically in response to oral attention. That may be why we typically start with a little oral worship in our “encounters”. Unless we’re watching TV and slave uses the “partner masturbation” technique when Mistress brazenly spreads her legs next to me on the couch.

One oddity though: the chart suggests that women never have an orgasm when they “give” anal sex. In my experience, Mistress always seems to cum rather intensely when she uses her strap-on. Don’t the stat keepers at the 538 Blog count pegging when it comes to tracking “sexual encounters”?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Empty Nest Interruptus

Mistress and Slave were at our pool - catching some rays on one of the final weekends of our summer - when Mistress got a text from our young grad.

"Good news  slave - she's going up to campus to visit the boyfriend. won't be back until tomorrow!"

The boyfriend has a final semester to finish before graduation. He went back to their leafy idyllic campus this week.  The cute grad has been lurking around the house in a sulk since he left. So, finally, it seems he'd ask her to come up for a "visit".

Both of our eyes lit up. And while we suppressed the fist bumps because a friend was sitting nearby, I'm sure we were both of the same mind --- an opportunity for a little loud and proud sex in our re-emtped nest!

Soone we were making our excuses to go home. We showered together and were soon in the bed in the UCTMW Executive Suite.  Mistress caught up on some reading, enjoying the adventures of both the Married Sissy and the Cuckolder, as I lavished her with attention via my eager lips and tongues.
 (Marc- as predicted, she did express a little shock when you mentioned the sandals. Mistress has a thing about ugly male toes, but then maybe you get pedicures?)

Once Mistress had her starter cum - a little amuse boche so to speak - we moved onto the starter: Mistress rode slave's cock to a couple of more cums, with her moans of delight fully expressed and our doors wide open.

Hopefully that cats were not shocked.

Once Mistress exhausted herself in the superior position, it was time for slave's own "main course".
I switched positions with her into the well worn but reliable "missionary" position, and was enjoying my "free range slave" privileges of building to a crescendo that inevitably lead to my own orgasmic release.

That is unless Mistress's I-phone began chiming.

Which of course it did, just at the very worst moment.

Distracted, Mistress looked over to the screen on her phone, sitting on a little bedside table.

"It's [our daughter], slave.... I'd better get it."

Slave pulled his mental emergency brake, just as his train was about to go over the cliff. Fortunately, it was still in working order.

My momentum fully arrested, I rested on my elbows above Mistress as she chatted briefly with our daughter....

"Yes, honey.... I understand..... see you in a while....."

By the time she hung up I figured the news was not good. And of course, Mistress's work-a-day cock was in "parade rest" mode.

"The boyfriend's not feeling well, slave.... so they're coming back here rather than stay for the party his roommates are throwing."

I guess I should have been annoyed that the boyfriend only called her to come up because he was in need of a nursemaid.  But what really annoyed both of us was that our "empty nest" weekend had suddenly gone kaput.   Dang. That put the kabosh on those "switch day" plans that had been bubbling in my head.

But at least we had at least 45 more minutes to finish what we had started. Once Mistress applied those sensuous lips to their restorative task, it didn't take nearly that long to finish what we had started!