Saturday, August 23, 2014


It did feel so good. Back in our empty nest with the lovely Mistress. Allowed to worship at the junction of her well toned and muscular thighs. Then rewarded with the opportunity to take my pleasure after having provided a sufficient starter cum of suitable dimensions.

And of course some bracing wake-up sex friday morning before heading back to the office.

Last evening we enjoyed some jazz at a local park, Mistress drawing some stares of desire from some of the guys in the crowd, which her Slave always finds entertaining. There were even some surreptitious text messages to her from one of her recent AM suitors to entertain her between sets.

Today will be a little more scheduled though. I will be entertaining my two cute grandkids for a while. Then dinner with my cranky mother in honor of her birthday.

And there are some big plastic tubs of "stuff" to unload, all the detritus we had parked in a storage unit when we put the former UCTMW World HQ on the market last spring. Slave wonders if Mistress may need to recruit additional Slaves to muscle it all up two flights into our overstuffed attic.  Hopefully we can cull it all down into something more manageable?

And of course a good deal of that attic contents are the things left behind by daughters who can't seem to let go. Maybe they should take the questionnaire summarized below:

At least we're not storing their children.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bay Left Behind

Slave is waiting here at the SFO airport, having wolfed down a breakfast burrito before boarding a plane headed west. I must say I am horny and looking forward to my reunion with the lovely Mistress Molly.

After my work was done yesterday morning, I had time to rent a bicycle and rode the system of bike trails across the Golden Gate and to Tiburon. Unfortunately, I did not have the time or address that would have allowed me to look up my favorite kinky writer, Ann Rice, who I believe has relocated there from NOLA.

All of the overtly sexy sights and sounds of the City did not ease my longing for Mistress.  There was this fetchingly attired  mannequin in the window of Agent Provacateur on Geary St.

And who could not think of kneeling before Mistress and massaging (or kissing) her well manicured feet when I saw this sign off of Polk St. on my way toward the waterfront by bike yesterday.

One of the more frustrating aspects of being Mistress's corresponding secretary, monitoring the ins and outs of her AM profile is that when we go on the road, the system must create the impression that Mistress is now a denizen of not only the town she is visiting, but all sorts of other places. And in this case, while she remained at home, her Slave made the mistake of monitoring from the left coast. Suddenly she was innundated with more than 100 private showcase requests, and quite a few articulate entreaties from the Bay area. All that makes clear that the pool of applicants in River City is much less diverse and appealing than what a woman with an itch to cuckold her husband can access on the coast.

There was a guy staying at a nearby hotel who sent his text number in case Mistress wanted to get together for a drink.

And there was this guy from Sausilito who sent a long message that I am sure Mistress might have found intriguing, if only to check out his view:

Hello Molly. Yes, I am highly selective. I have wasted a fair amount if time lately seeking women who "get it" - who are appreciative of what I bring to the table as a lover and friend. 

Any time I am with a woman I like, whether in bed or anywhere else, she will be the absolute center of my attention. She will feel absolutely adored and desired. She will know that by the way I look at her, the way I touch her, and the words I use to express my appreciation for her. No matter how handsome and successful a man is, it is imperative that he understand that the pleasure he gains from his woman is proportional to the pleasure he provides her. He must be skilled at reading her cues and navigating the paths to her centers of desire. He must understand and accept the fact that women are wonderfully complex, mysterious creatures and be able to understand that what stimulates her today may be a total turn off tomorrow - unless he realizes that she may want him to make the effort - and have the talent - to seduce her, to gently but firmly take lead her to a place of arousal. E must know when to cede control, and when to take it, when to follow her cues, and when to bend her to his will. 

I am that man.

I wonder who he uses to ghost write his material?

Sadly, Mistress did not score while I was away. She will have to make do with her work-a-day cock this evening, if all goes well and thunderstorms at O'Hare don't intrude.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Out on the Left Coast

No sooner had we emptied out our nest on Monday - delivering our senior cute Co-Ed to her campus with a truck load of "important things",  than Slave had to take a short business trip to the left coast. I will just be away for two nights in the town Tony Bennett made famous. But those are two nights I could have been worshipping Mistress in the manner in which she is entitled, without the need to squelch our moans of delight.

I have heard that she has been 1) chatting up a new suitor from AM; talking to Mr. Perfect Cock, who suddenly got in touch, and flirting with some guy at our swim club after doing laps. So while Mich is away, Mistress has been fully exercising her contractual rights.

It's only fair.

Can't wait to get home and find my place between her thighs on Thursday afternoon.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Science Sunday

Here at the UCTMW World HQ we are enjoying a precursor to our empty nest - cute Co-Ed #1 is in Chicago with her Dowager Domme Grandma, who is probably shopping for more of those kinky shoes. Meanwhile, cute Co-Ed #2 is safely ensconced in her student housing in France, no doubt burning through my credit card limit.

It's given Mistress and Slave some time to have less restrained sex, with our doors open and no need to apologize for spending the
  afternoon in bed. Mistress even had some pancakes yesterday AM with her lover J, but, sadly, there was no time for hanky panky. In the absence of his intervention, Slave was happy  to step into the breach with both wake-up sex and late afternoon fucking, before we headed to a desultory pre-season game of the local Pussycats.

So with that update, let me share with you an article I noticed in Salon over the weekend reviewing a new book on female sexual impulses called "What do Women Want". The thrust of the piece is that women are no less animalistic and base in their sexual cravings than us pathetic guys.  Here is a quick summary:

Bergner, and the leading sex researchers he interviews, argue that women’s sexuality is not the rational, civilized and balancing force it’s so often made out to be — that it is base, animalistic and ravenous, everything we’ve told ourselves about male sexuality. As one researcher tells Bergner of all the restrictions put on female sexuality: “Those barriers are a testament to the power of the drive itself. It’s a pretty incredible testament. Because the drive must be so strong to override all of that.”
“Women’s desire — its inherent range and innate power — is an underestimated and constrained force, even in our times, when all can seem so sexually inundated, so far beyond restriction,” he writes. “Despite the notions our culture continues to imbue, this force is not, for the most part, sparked or sustained by emotional intimacy and safety.” In fact, he argues, “one of our most comforting assumptions, soothing perhaps above all to men but clung to by both sexes, that female eros is much better made for monogamy than the male libido, is scarcely more than a fairy tale.”

Of course, this notion of women acting on baser instincts rather than simply searching for a good provider who can contribute above average sperm to meet her reproductive impulses should be no big surprise to those of us bound up in the sex-blog-o-sphere. Would we have been so engrossed in such blogging heroines as the lost and lamented Suzanne or Sin if they simply wrote about child care tips and finding Mr. Right?  
Here at UCTMW we also are quite familiar with Mistress's appetite for a little more exotic and aggressive sexual action than one humble blogger and his work-a-day cock can provide.  Which gets to a point of the article on whether women are typically satisfied with one lover when others tempt:

Certainly, women are no better suited for monogamy than men are. That, I think, is clear. It seems possible, if you look at some of the data, that women are even less well-suited for monogamy than men. It’s important to distinguish between the sexual level of desire, and what we choose in our relationships for all kinds of reasons. But on a sexual level, women are even less suited to monogamy.

Considering the scientific evidence, it is only natural then for Mistress to crave another cock from time to time. Indeed the article suggests that women are turned on by all sorts of sexual imaginings, whether men / women couplings, women / women couplings or even guy/guy couplings. And what really gets their juices flowings are manifestations of desire for them by others. So it's only natural for Mistress to feed the beast of her desire by the occasional daliance with a fellow who's cock will expand to abnormal proportions at the sight of her lush body, or even the pictures in her "private showcase" over at Ashley Madison.

Why fight science?