Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mistress Gets Tag Teamed

Mistress and Slave had their poignant reunion last night after her "sleep-over" with her lover, Jay.

I arrived home from work to find her relaxing in our bed, already attired in some very sexy lingerie.
It was a very nice welcome, after a lonely night at home in my cage. Well, at least part of the night in my cage, as pathetically described in yesterday's post. In fact, she had just finished reading the blog.

"Wow, Slave. You actually tried to wear the cage all night? Were you trying to impress our readers?"

"Maybe I was trying to impress you, Mistress. But obviously, it did not work out as planned."

"Awww.... poor Slave....."

But soon the snappy patter died away as my lips and tongue found their way to the musky juncture of Mistress's toned and muscular thighs. Mistress had mentioned in an afternoon phone call that she was "tender" from a night of the more athletic brand of sex that she and Jay enjoy. So I was particularly gentle with her, trying to soothe her orally, but ultimately producing the type of starter cum she has every right to expect from her devoted Slave.

Of course, Slave was increasingly desperate for my own release after more than 36 hours of chastity. And Mistress indulged me after I had done my worship. As I took my own pleasure, she described some of the things she and Jay had done  during their evening, and again Wednesday morning.

"He likes to spend time between my legs too, Slave....."

"And did you suck his cock...."

"Oh yes.... it wouldn't be fair if he was the only one down there, would it?"

I suppose it wouldn't be fair. No fair at all.

She did mention that Jay has been working out a lot.

"He's really buff these days, Slave....he says that since he's turning 50 this year he wanted to make sure to get back into shape."

All for the good. Mistress deserves a fit and (slightly) younger lover to complement her older, if still crafty,  Slave.

After Slave had been given permission to cum, and took full advantage of the privilege, Mistress broke the news that she and Jay will have a return engagement this evening.

"I have a hair appointment in his neighborhood tomorrow, so he suggested I spend the night again. He wants to take me to a new restaurant out there for dinner. I hope you don't mind?"

Well what standing does a good Slave have to object when Mistress decides to spend another night with her lover?

"Of course I don't object Mistress.... you might as well take advantage while his son is away for a few days."

"That's exactly what I was thinking, Slave...."

As we settled into bed last night I mentioned it was nice to have her back beside, if only for the  night.

"It's sort of like having a girlfriend sleeping over, Mistress.... kind of different, but fun."

But it could get a little tiring for Mistress, with her Slave and her Lover tag teaming her this way. She may end up with four consecutive "two-a-days": with her Slave fucking her this morning and Jay having his way with her this evening; then reversed tomorrow.

When the dust settles, she may be a little tired cum Saturday.

AS for my own status today, Mistress was a little disappointed when I mentioned that I have a MD appointment this morning, which will prevent me from wearing my cage out the door. We've discussed my taking the cage to work, putting it on in the office, and sending her a photo confirmation.

"Maybe we can do a video chat to assure me you are locked up tight for the duration, Slave."

You can never be too careful, I suppose.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Slave Blinks

Mistress seemed to be enjoying her sleepover date last night when she checked in with her devoted Slave last night at around 10 pm.

"There was some pretty hot sex when I got here Slave. Then we went out to dinner.... no we're heading back to bed...."

"Sounds good, Mistress. Give my regards to Jay."

"He says 'Hi',  slave...."

Of course Slave was still in his cage, watching some TV in lieu of spending time myself in bed with Mistress. I shared with Mistress a little of the details about my dinner with a colleague, then raised the subject of my cock's sad 'condition'.

"Are you planning to ride your bike to work in the morning, Slave?"

"Yes, Mistress....."

"Well then I'll let you self release ....."

She changed the subject to her morning plans.... leaving Jay's around 9:15 today before heading to a meeting, and she was about to sign off for the night. I felt a little guilty redirecting her to the subject of my cage.

"Ummmm..... you haven't told me where you put the key, Mistress...."

She giggled a bit.

"Oh dear, Slave .... I suppose you're right....."

The little tease.

In any event, she ultimately relented and clued me in on how I could unearth the little key to obtain my parole.  But at bed time, Slave tried to be a little more macho, if only to respond to all those  taunts I get from some of our readers about how pampered I am when it comes to "cage time".

How hard could it really be to spend the night on full lock down. I mean if Harry can do it for weeks on end, would 24 hours kill me?

I headed to bed, cage in place, thinking there was no reason why I couldn't make it until morning with my "junk" (as Fury put it yesterday) in the close confines of a hard steel compartment.

Generally, walking around in the cage is no big deal. The need to sit to pee during the day is the most significant, if vibrant,  reminder of my "sad" status as a caged cuck. I'm not the sort of guy who sprouts a raging hard on when I see some hot babe waltzing across the square at lunch time. Been there, done that in my 20's,  I suppose. But self control is no problem for the conscious Mick.

But the unconscious Mick still does not roll that way, even at my advanced age.

I first woke with a start at around 1 am,  from the pain of my swollen cock and balls pressing against the walls of it's containment device. (I wish I could tell you what dream, if any, caused the blood to flow in that direction, but I come up blank.)


It's pretty danged excruciating when things go stiff down there, stretching my sac and grating it against the unyielding steel.

I tried to shake it off, visiting the bathroom, reasserting mind over matter, then went back to bed and asleep.

But when it happened all over again around 2:30 am, harder and more painful than ever, Slave blinked.  I fumbled around in the dark and found the key where Mistress had told me it was hiding.

Things were so stiff and swollen down there that it was a bit of a struggle just to pop the lid off my tight little container. Getting my enlarged red balls to pop back through that tight rigid ring was even more difficult. I had to resort to a cold, wet wash cloth to relieve the situation before the "extraction" process was complete.


I guess Slave really is a wimp.

Hopefully I can persuade Mistress to kiss it and make it better tonight after work, once we are reunited.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Slave Caged on Mistress's "Date Night"

Mistress has set up a "sleep over" date night with her (occasional) lover Jay tonight. With his child care duties, it's been hard in recent weeks for them to find the sort of privacy required for them to spend time together. But his son is away for a few days....

"You don't mind me spending the night, do you Slave...."

"Of course not Mistress.... "

While it will be lonely in the bed tonight, I can at least contemplate all of the wanton things she will be up to.... and I suspect Jay will have some pent up demand for Mistress's lush and lovely body.

As it turns out, Mistress's night out coincides with a day when Slave has to drive to work.

"That's good Slave, because I'd hate to have to make you wear your cage when you bike to work."

Not only would it be a little uncomfortable to cover the 5 miles downtown with the cage chafing against my bike seat, but can you imagine what the office staff might think if they saw the tell tale bulge under the bike shorts when I get off the elevator?

It might look sort of like this:
I suspect that could get the "team" chattering.

I have to join an out-0f-town colleague for dinner this evening. So my cage time will be extended to that extent into the evening. And Mistress is suggesting that I may need to spend the night in the cage, because she and Jay will likely be engaged in their own brand of fun by the time I get home.  The issue will be whether I get my parole from confinement in time to ride to work Wednesday morning. 

Fortunately, there's time for some wake-up sex this morning before I go into full "lock down". So Slave's period of chastity should last only about 36 hours right?

I suppose it could be much, much  worse.

But feel free to send sympathy notes anyway.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Still Crazy....

In addition to some two-a-day sexcapades here on Saturday, our rather hectic weekend was highlighted by Mistress's 4th annual swim of our local "Big River" - over and back to the shores that once divided the blue from the gray.

It's the sort of activity that requires Slave to accompany Mistress in the pre-dawn hours down to the riverfront to bear witness to her crazy.

"I could have driven myself, Slave...."

"But who would identify the body, Mistress?"

Obviously, it's not all that unsafe. About 200 other hearty souls joined her on this foolhardy mission. And the Coast Guard does stop the chemical laden barges plying the river from West Virginia to the Gulf of Mexico, at least for a while. So the only real fear is running out of steam somewhere at mid-stream, heavy currents, and all those rumours of giant mutant cat fish.

Once Mistress slides into that cold water, and the starter's whistle blows, all Slave can do is haul Mistress's towel, bag and sandals down to the finish line and repeat the "Hail Mary's" taught me by the nuns in grade school.

Whether it was the power of an unbeliever's prayer, or Mistress smooth and undaunted stroke that turned the trick, she did emerge successfully from the cold gray waters about 21 minutes after she struck off on her quest. There was a crowd of landlubbers to greet her and her fellow travelers in crazy, with finish times announced and some more notorious swimmers welcomed back by name.

"Did they really say my age when I got out, Slave....."

"Ummm... I think they did Mistress...."

It's amazing she noticed that little detail as she climbed onto the landing after her chilly little dip.  I think I'd be checking for leeches or stray catfish whiskers instead.

Fortuantely, there was a "happy ending". After Mistress wrapped herself in a towel (photos of her in her bathing suit were strictly verbotten), we headed home, stopping at a local greasy spoon for some carbo-loading.

Then Mistress and Slave were back in bed for a little nap, the New York Times and some hearty, if deferred morning sex.  I think Mistress's clean shaven folds were still chilled when I soothed them with my tongue and lips as a prologue for what was to come.

Fortunately, her work-a-day cock was warm and toasty.